SCARC | South Carolina Association of Regional Councils

Board of Directors

People are always at the core of every COG program. Throughout the state, more than 1,200 citizens are actively involved n volunteering with COG-related work. This includes 342 South Carolinians who serve on the Boards of Directors of the ten COGs. Of that number, 245 – or 72% — are elected officials; 210 are county or municipal officials; 35 are members of the South Carolina General Assembly. More than 900 state residents are involved with COG committees or affiliated entities.

In addition to the local Boards of Directors who govern the individual COGs, the South Carolina Association of Regional Councils also has a separate Board of Directors composed of local COG Board members.

2018 SCARC Board of Directors

Mr. Ed Elliott Appalachian COG
Mr. Elbert Tillerson Appalachian COG
Mr. Dennis Claramunt Appalachian COG
Rev. Grady Butler Appalachian COG
Mr. A. King Dixon, II Upper Savannah COG
Mr. Jim Coleman Upper Savannah COG
Mr. Faye Thomas Upper Savannah COG
Mr. Harold Thompson Catawba COG
Mr. James Neal Catawba COG
Dr. J. Edward Lee Catawba COG
Dr. Roger Gaddy Central Midlands COG
Mr. Norman Jackson Central Midlands COG
Ms. Julie Ann Dixon Central Midlands COG
Mr. Roger Hill Lower Savannah COG
Ms. Janie Cooper Smith Lower Savannah COG
Mr. Johnny Ravenell Lower Savannah COG
Ms. Vivian McGhaney Santee Lynches COG
Ms. Julia Nelson Santee Lynches COG
Mr. Travis Windham Santee Lynches COG
Mr. G. O’Neal Hamilton Pee Dee COG
Ms. Evelyn Guile Pee Dee COG
K.G. “Rusty” Smith, Jr. Pee Dee COG
Mr. Murray Vernon Waccamaw COG
Former Lt. Gov. Yancey McGill Waccamaw COG
Rev. Robert Reid Berkley-Charleston-Dorchester COG
Mr. Melvin Williams Berkley-Charleston-Dorchester COG
Mr. Roy Pipkin Berkley-Charleston-Dorchester COG
Mr. Gerald Dawson Lowcountry COG
Mr. Tommy Mann Lowcountry COG
Mr. Tom Johnson Lowcountry COG