SCARC | South Carolina Association of Regional Councils


Over more than three decades, South Carolina’s Councils of Governments have forged fruitful local, regional and national partnerships that have produced beneficial and lasting results.
The COGs’ commitment to partnership has led to unprecedented cooperation among local governments, enduring relationships with key federal, state and local agencies, increased effectiveness of numerous community-based organizations and job-producing connections with the private sector.
As a result of these partnerships, since their inception South Carolina’s Councils of Governments have assisted in securing over $1.5 billion in federal and state grants, enhancing the economy and quality of life in their regions.

Over time, COGs have made over 500 small business loans totaling more than $82 million and creating or retaining 10,000 jobs within the state.

Workforce training funds administered by the COGs have totaled nearly $150 million and have resulted in more than 28,000 South Carolinians being placed in jobs.

During the past year alone, COGs have generated an impressive Return on Investment of $340 for every $1 in combined investment by local governments and the South Carolina General Assembly.

That combined investment totaled $2,921,026 – funds designated for the operation of the state’s 10 COGs. The return on that investment was $712,267,961, including more than $121 million from federal and state grant programs followed by over $500 million from the COG and South Carolina Department of Transportation Highway Bond Program.
It also included more than $7 million from loans made by the COG Revolving Loan Funds along with another $38.5 million from private capital investment resulting from the loans. Workforce Investment Program subcontracts accounted for $31 million in returns while Aging Program subcontracts were responsible for $14.2 million.