We are a network of 10 Councils of Governments working to positively influence quality of life and economic development in South Carolina.

South Carolina Councils of Governments (SC COGs) know and understand our communities, so we are better able to provide creative solutions to their unique challenges.

SC COGs are conveners, consultants and strategic solution providers. Each of the 10 COGs provides technical assistance, secures funding to address critical issues, and advocates at the state and national level for economic and quality of life improvements for our communities.

We are proud of the impact we have in your region and across the state, and we are honored to be an integral partner in creating a stronger South Carolina – together.


SC COGs are innovative solution providers, insightful consultants, and skilled conveners.


SC COGs are a network of Councils of Governments that work collectively to benefit all of South Carolina. We do this by functioning as a valuable extension of county and local governments, serving as a resource for technical assistance, securing state and federal dollars to address critical issues for our communities, and by advocating at a state and national level for economic and quality of life improvements for our state.

What are COGs?

Councils of Governments (COGs) are partnerships of – and provide resources to – the local counties, cities, and towns in their regions. In addition to local and regional partnerships, COGs partner with numerous federal and state agencies, obtaining and administering grants for a variety of community-based programs and economic development initiatives.